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  WEIRONG Woodworking Machinery Ltd (WEIRONG) is one of the pioneers of Shunde's (Guangdong Province) wood machinery industry and locater at Shunde's Lunjiao area, traffic accessibility is convenient.
  The company emphasizes both on the Chinese traditional methods and application of new technology during wood machinery production, and with its reputation in the industry for producing good quality, WEIRONG has a significant influence in the local and international wood machinery industry.
  WEIRONG has acquired both China's wood Machinery Safety Compliance Certification, ISO9001:2000 certification, thus assures consumers of its product quality. Available in its products range are milling machine, engraving machine. sawmill.lathe, Planer, grinding machine, drill press, tenoning & trenching machine, polishing machine, cold & hot press, tool grinder, Currently, The company owns more than 10 product series and over 100 machineries that will cater to your specifications.
  Following the entry of China into the World Trade Organization and the expansion of the Chinese market, the industry competition has grown increasingly intensive. To build up the competitive advantage in the local and international market, WEIRONG has imported a series of technologically advanced production lines which will produce products of an international standard to cater to the needs of their clients.
  Other than emphasizing on product innovation and production, WEIRONG is also constantly strengthening its management team. the management team is crucial in the development of a corporation and good team players are essential in a management team. WEIEONG firmly believes that talented people form the foundation of WEIRONG', success, emphasis on innovation will lead the corporation to success, and that enthusiasm and competitiveness are the motivational factors for WEIRONG to expand.
   WEIRONG firmly believes that by maintaining a strong and consistent focus, WEIRONG will be able to create a significant presence in the local and international market.
  Headquarters cum Showroom:Guodao Lunjiao Dahuatanpang Building 105 lunjiao Road Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong Province
Tel:0757-27758857 27755167 27332792 277332793 Fax:0757-27755167
Showroom 2:No.1-7,shunde International Wood Machinery Centre Duangzhugong Road,Lunjiaoluduan Shunde ,Foshan,Guangdong Province
Tel:0757-27333138 27332790 27332791
Fctory: Lunjiao Street ,Shiban Industrial Fenyang Road Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong Province
Tel:0757-27332794 27731688 Fax:0757-27738686
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